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Hand Sanitizer 500ml - Bottle Refill

WE CARE’s 500ml bottle provides 16 refills for our reusable 30ml spray bottle and is an affordable solution for businesses looking to equip employees with a practical personal hand sanitizer.

Simply open the bottom of the 30ml bottle with a standard bottle opener and refill using the 500ml bottle. Snap bottom of 30ml bottle back into place before use.

Our effective formula is powered by its 75% alcohol content and a generous level of calming, moisture-retaining glycerin to protect and soothe – so it battles bacteria without stripping your skin.

Medicinal ingredients: 2-propanol (isopropyl alcohol) 75 %

Non-medicinal ingredients: glycerine, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, hydrogen peroxide,
distilled water.

Recommended use: antibacterial (skin) cleanser.

Contraindications: Do not use on children/infants less than 2 years of age (unless directed
by a doctor / physician / healthcare practitioner / healthcare provider / healthcare

We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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